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Dynamic Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist near East Los Angeles, CA.

For more than 20 years, Dynamic Physical Therapy has been the leading provider of physical therapy in California. Our partners, Ali Farvili and Omid Farvili, have spent that time developing a patient-centered practice that focuses on pain management and reduction and recovery from orthopedic injuries.

Specializing in Physical Therapy and Acupuncture on Lien

We provide both physical therapy and acupuncture to patients who are dealing with the effects of a personal injury near East Los Angeles. We have found that acupuncture provides vital support at all stages of the recovery process and can even help accelerate it while physical therapy itself is essential to regaining function and comfort after an injury. By making these services available to victims of personal injury, we can provide some relief to the patient who is also dealing with the judicial aspects. These patients are often facing life-altering injuries and we’re dedicated to returning as much pain-free function as possible.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We maintain a hands-on technique, which you can no longer find in a number of the larger physical treatment centers near East Los Angeles. We believe manual therapy is a crucial part of recovery, combined with other interventions when suitable. Our patients attain exceptional results that last because of our commitment to innovative techniques, a tailored method to treatment preparation, and exceptional patient care.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is also known as manipulative therapy. It’s a treatment we use to resolve pain and disability directly by kneading and manipulating muscles and joints and performing joint mobilization. These hands-on techniques have actually led to quick and long lasting relief from musculoskeletal pain and have actually helped right away enhance range of motion. Our passion for favorable outcomes makes hands-on manual therapy an indispensable element of our treatment approach that we will continue to provide our patients.

Brief history

Dynamic Physical Therapy was founded in 2000 in Van Nuys, California. For the past twenty years, we’ve worked to provide remarkable service and skill to our patients, without whom our quick growth and expansion would not have been possible. Today, we serve a number of cities around California such as East Los Angeles with the same quality of patient care that we started with. 

Personal Injury Physical Therapy near East Los Angeles

Initially, we served victims of injury, in addition to those suffering from age-related conditions and post-operative pain and recovery. Today, we’ve narrowed our clientele to those who are on a medical lien pending a personal injury case near East Los Angeles.

What does personal injury consist of?

Damages caused to a person, whether physical or psychological, that are the fault of another individual or organization are considered personal injuries. Most typically, injuries are caused by motorists who hit a pedestrian, hit another car, or injured the passenger in their own vehicle. Another common example is when the manager of a public area overlooks the safety of the space, resulting in personal injury to guests.

Some Other Examples of Personal Injury

  • Canine bites that are not the fault of the injured party
  • Injury caused by malfunctioning or unsafe items
  • Neglect in an assisted living home or healthcare facility
  • Injuries that take place on the job (employee’s payment). Slip and fall injuries.

Why personal injury?

Victims of injury who are awaiting an accident case to conclude are often left without the ways to get the physical therapy they need in the meantime. It is essential to get treatment as fast as possible after an injury (see below), so those awaiting settlement need a way to access physical therapy near East Los Angeles without waiting months or years for a payment.

What does a physical therapist do?

Physiotherapists assist injured, post-operative, and otherwise restricted patients to enhance strength, boost range of movement, and minimize pain with recurring training at safe levels of difficulty. Throughout the treatment, a therapist will examine and record the patient’s progress to ensure optimal recovery.

What types of injuries do physical therapists treat?

Common injuries and side effects of injuries that physical therapists can help with include injuries to the foot, back, knee hip, neck, ankle, elbow, leg, shoulder, jaw, and hand. Physical therapists can also address conditions like rotator cuff injury, sciatica, tendinitis, herniated disc, lower back pain, tennis elbow, and torn ACL.

How long should you go to physical therapy after a car accident?

Cars and truck accidents are a common source of injury for our patients, but even a typical event like this is unpredictable. Depending upon how quickly the patient started physical therapy, how often he or she went to, the severity of the original injuries, and whether he or she abided by recommended workouts at home, the advised duration of treatment could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Get Help for Your Clients Quickly

It’s crucial to begin physical therapy quickly after an injury before the injury causes incorrect recovery and worsens the discomfort or further limits the range of motion. While it’s never too late to deal with discomfort and disability with physical therapy, the sooner you act, the better off the patient will be.

When should I start physical therapy after injury in East Los Angeles, CA.?

Ideally, the patient will enter therapy within three days of the preliminary injury to work on range of motion exercises and avoid irreversible restrictions. Further rehabilitation will be needed to keep the injured area extended, strong, and balanced. The longer it takes to get treatment after the injury, the more physical therapy will be needed to recuperate.

Contact Dynamic Physical Therapy 

If you have clients who are in need of physical therapy, refer them to us asap so we can examine their injuries and design a treatment plan that will get them back to full health and function as soon as possible, with as little recurring pain and disability as possible.

No Physician’s Order Needed

Patients understand their own pain and mobility better than anybody else. Thanks to the California Direct Access Assembly Bill 1000, patients can obtain the services they need without being sent to us by their doctor. That means quicker, simpler therapy for their injuries, which means a far better prognosis. We can provide reports and also bills within three days of the request.

Same-Day Consultations

The faster we can examine the client and get the information, the quicker we can start therapy, stop the pain, and recover function. Patients are generally able to schedule their initial visit for the exact same day they call. If needed, we can provide both orthopedic and also pain management consultations. We’re open on Saturdays and till 7 pm on weekdays.