Physical Therapy on a Lien Near North Hollywood, CA.

A North Hollywood PT practice specializing in personal injury liens

Dynamic Physical Therapy is dedicated to treating patients on medical liens. If you are a personal injury attorney with clients in North Hollywood, you need to seek medical attention for them as soon as possible. With reliable access to physical therapy near to where they live in North Hollywood, their treatment will be as convenient as it is effective.

Dynamic PT in North Hollywood is a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who have been resolving orthopedic, post-operative, and age-related injuries for the people of North Hollywood and environs since 2000.

If your client has been in an auto accident, contact Dynamic Physical Therapy first

As a North Hollywood PT clinic that deals exclusively in medical liens, there should be no hesitation to contact us following an injury or accident. You can always expect the highest level of customer service and compliance, as we will work closely with medical doctors, insurance companies, and legal teams to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation required for a successful outcome.

We deliver quality PT on a lien in North Hollywood, treating patients who have suffered personal injury in auto accidents, slip and fall, or who have been injured on public or private property. Call today to find out more.

Individualized Approach to PT on a lien

We provide an individualized approach to each patient’s care plan, taking past medical history and current complaints into account to develop a plan to resolve and relieve injury and pain safely and sustainably.

Our focus is single-minded: getting our North Hollywood personal injury lien patients back to enjoying their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Dynamic Physical Therapy offers emergency, Saturday, same day, and after-hours appointments for our patient’s convenience. We also speak Spanish, so there are never any communication barriers to receiving the best possible injury care. Call to schedule an appointment today

Holistic PT modalities on a lien

After the initial assessment, our team of clinicians will determine the best possible course of treatment. This could comprise one or more therapies, including chiropractic, acupuncture, ultrasound, muscle strengthening, physical therapy and exercise, therapeutic massage, and a range of lifestyle change recommendations and preventative care aimed at supporting the patients’ long-term goals.

The ultimate goal is for our patients to fully recover from their injuries. Sometimes it is a slow and painful process, but we are committed to going the distance to ensure the best possible result. The important thing is to begin physical therapy as quickly as possible following the accident to avoid further injury and pain. By getting into PT quickly, and knowing that we will work on a medical lien, patients can stop worrying about how they are going to pay for the services they need and focus instead on getting stronger and feeling better.

Physical Therapy Patient Education


Learning about the mechanics of the injury helps our patients avoid activities that will aggravate it in the future. Our locations feature state-of-the-art exercise and diagnostic equipment, representing the best value and convenience in PT that you are likely to find in the North Hollywood area.


Following the establishment of a program appropriate to the injury under treatment, we will provide detailed instructions on home and self-care that our patients can follow after leaving the office. If there are any questions or concerns about an activity, an exercise, or any pain that is experienced as a result, we are always available to help.


As each situation is vastly different in severity, scope, and prognosis, patients are challenged to improve but will always progress at their own pace. For this reason, we don’t set any time limitations on our treatments. Mitigating factors often figure into the equation, such as what the patient does for work, or activities they are expected to do on a day-to-day basis.


No matter how long it takes, we will be hands-on with physical therapy until it is no longer necessary. If you are a personal injury lawyer or attorney in North Hollywood or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, we will work closely with you to support all of your clients’ needs.

Get help fast following an injury or accident

A painful back or neck injury will only become worse over time. Inflammation and internal injury can mask itself until it is too late to reverse the damage. Seeking medical care in North Hollywood as quickly as possible following the accident is key.

If you have a person injury client in North Hollywood who has not yet sought out medical intervention or PT, call Dynamic today. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and since we specialize in medical liens for personal injury claims, we already speak your language.

Accessing PT on a lien in North Hollywood is easy and convenient

With emergency appointments and weekend appointment times available, we aim to take the pain out of recovery from personal injury.

Call today to schedule an assessment for your personal injury client, or download our intake forms to get started.

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