Physical Therapy on Lien in Burbank, California.

A Burbank PT practice exclusively for personal injury liens

Dynamic Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of personal injury patients who are on a medical lien. Our clients are personal injury attorneys with medical lien cases in Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, North Hollywood, and other locations in and around the San Fernando Valley. We offer flexible appointments, with emergency and weekend times available. We invite you to call to set up an appointment today.

Following a personal injury, it is critical to seek physical therapy as soon as possible. Being seen quickly after an accident can mean all the difference in pain management and can help patients get back to their routines fast. Our locations are conveniently located close to the freeway and we can often accommodate same-day or even emergency appointments.

Dynamic PT has a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified physical therapy professionals who are dedicated to injury and pain management through PT. Established in 2000, we are now exclusively dedicated to PT on a lien for slip and fall, car accidents or injuries whether they occurred on private or public property.


We are a Burbank PT practice who only works with medical liens!

Are you a personal injury attorney?

If your client has experienced a slip and fall or has been in an auto accident, Dynamic Physical Therapy should be your very first call. Our focus is solely on medical liens, so you can be confident that we know what is required for your claim. You can sleep better knowing that your client’s wellbeing is in good hands and that all necessary documentation will be carried out with care and precision.

Our job is to get your client back on their feet as soon as possible. Using a range of physical therapies, we can assure the best possible outcome as you pursue their case.

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PT on a lien in Burbank

All patients of Dynamic PT are seen by our team of PT professionals, each a respected specialist at the top of their field. We work closely with the GP to ensure the treatments we prescribe are sustainable, given the patient’s medical history. Using a range of modalities aimed at easing and relieving injury pain we will devise a plan that will help your client reach their recovery goals.

With same day appointments and extended hours, there should be no hesitation to call and get started.

Dynamic PT in Burbank provides quality personal injury care on a medical lien. Call to schedule an appointment.

We speak Spanish too!

Our process for PT on a lien in Burbank

We begin with a patient assessment. Our team will work closely with your client to devise the best possible treatments for their injury. We include a range of modalities including chiropractic, acupuncture, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, strengthening exercises, and therapeutic massage. We will work closely with the client to recommend appropriate occupational and lifestyle changes to help them recover faster and prevent further injury.

Getting help fast after an accident or injury is absolutely crucial. Since we only deal with medical liens, you and your client won’t have to worry about paying for the services they need as they recover. 

Obtaining PT after an injury or accident

Personal injuries such as back trauma, whiplash or other deep tissue injuries will become far worse if intervention is not sought out quickly. Inflammation can become a serious secondary issue if it is not seen to right away.

For personal injury clients in Burbank who have not yet obtained PT on a lien, Dynamic PT is here to help.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is well-versed in medical liens for personal injury claims, and are one of the most respected PT practices in Burbank and surrounding area. Your client can enjoy his or her treatment with confidence, knowing that we always have their best interests in mind.

For Burbank PT on a lien, get started today: it’s easy!

Our locations are freeway accessible and we are happy to accommodate after hours or weekend appointments as needed. Call today to schedule your client’s PT assessment or to request our intake forms.

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