How Proper Posture Can Prevent Injuries?

Poor posture over time can lead to numerous issues, from head and shoulder pain to chronic back pain, which can even impair lung function if not corrected in time. It isn’t uncommon for bad posture to lead to pain in the intestines and stomach.

Many in the healthcare community treat various injured body parts, which are either directly or indirectly related to having bad posture. That’s why most physical issues can be prevented with proper posture. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to maintain good posture for most people.

What is Proper Posture?

Posture tends to affect all parts of the human body. The joints’ positioning will determine how well they can handle the stress daily life places on them. If you look at a joint’s anatomy, it is not hard to see that it is held in place with a leather-like tissue called ligaments, which allows the joints to move around. If posture is good, the ligaments and capsule can produce the required stability, helping the muscles move the joints efficiently, offering dynamic stability.

Good posture minimizes the effects of the forces of gravity. Gravity is a sheer and compressive force that directly acts on the joints. The joints are meant to handle these forces, but that’s only possible when posture is correct. If the joints aren’t positioned correctly, the forces of gravity can end up damaging the structure.

Correct posture starts with making sure that your head and spine are aligned. If the spine and head are properly positioned, the rest of the body follows. One way to know this is that the spine will look like a reversed ‘C’ from the low back and neck.

Good Posture Reduces Headaches

Unknown to many people, posture is a major contributor to what’s termed tension headaches, mainly because of the increased muscle tension exerted on the back of the neck. If posture is corrected, this muscle tension can be reduced, and the headache will disappear.

The best way to relieve a headache caused by poor posture is to do head retraction exercises multiple times a day. Doing this strengthens the neck muscles, which are often stretched out.

Higher Energy Levels

When the joints and bones are in alignment, they allow the muscles to be used as they are supposed to. The result is that you feel less tired and have more energy as a result. In other words, your muscles don’t have to work as hard to do what they should normally be doing.

Good Posture Reduces Stress in the Neck and Shoulders

When you have a forward head posture, it strains your neck, back, and shoulder regions. However, when alignment is proper, the joints and ligaments aren’t as stressed. Not being stressed means that they aren’t subjected to chronic overuse.


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