5 Reasons To Undergo Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

One of the things that doctors will always tell car accident victims is that they need physical therapy. However, as someone who has been in a car accident, you might question why is physical therapy so highly recommended?

In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most common reasons to undergo physical therapy after a car accident.

Physical Therapy Helps Speed Up Recovery

The number one reason to opt for physical therapy is that it reduces recovery time for many car accident victims. In fact, physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles, which aids in making movement easier by bringing back the normal range of motion.

Most car accident victims often want to recover fast and physical therapy can help them do just that.

Help Improve Quality Of Life

Physical therapy can help improve your quality of life. If anything, car accidents can and do take a serious toll on the body, affecting a person’s quality of life. Physical therapy also makes you more energetic and stronger. In other words, you can take control back of your life.

May Help Avoid Getting Surgery

After a car accident, proper physical therapy treatment can help you do away with getting surgery. We’ve seen cases where initially surgery was recommended before physical therapy, but a few months into therapy, the need for surgery was done away with. That said, if physical therapy isn’t applied, it can often lead to the injury or problem becoming worse.

Car accident victims and doctors alike sometimes don’t focus on injuries that aren’t instantly apparent. The attention mainly centers around broken bones, bruises and cuts.  However, muscular injuries and torn tendons go unnoticed and will often become worse, requiring surgery later. Physical therapy can be used to address those issues before they get any worse.

Can Help Reduce Your Reliance on Painkillers

Many car accident victims are put on a regime of pain killers after an accident to manage pain. The pain killers have numerous adverse effects and not making them the best long-term solution.

Physical therapy can help reduce your reliance on pain killers, if not eliminate dependence. Therapy can help make you stronger, which means you don’t need painkillers to go about your daily life.

Helps Mitigate Numerous Long Term Physical Issues

Regardless of the nature of your injuries, physical therapy can help offer relief often that relief is both short and long-term. Many car accident victims may not realize that they have certain injuries right after the incident, but those can turn out to be the worst to deal with in the long term. For instance, back stiff and shoulder pain right after an incident may be caused by damaged muscles, which may impair normal movement.

Physical therapy can help to eliminate the instance of pain and stiffness. Also, in many cases, depending on the nature of the injury, it can do away with the need for surgery.

If you have a question about how physical therapy can help you, please contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your physical state and possible approaches to treating it.